An Audio Revolution is Happening!


Dive into a world with no real boundaries to discover and explore. Audio becomes a principal tool in delivering a completely new sense of immersion: Inanimate things become animate; time is both linear and non-linear - invite your visitors to take part in three-dimensional audio journey - let them discover spaces with eyes and ears open to a narrative world.


As you wander through a physical space you feel immersed into a virtual dynamic auditory world. Just with headphones that locate you precizely and trigger your movements your body becomes the interface in a magical three-dimensional sound space.


Immerse into 3D Auditory Worlds!


A high accuracy localization system for your exhibition space is the starting point for any NOUS sonic project.


After installing the antennas, a three-dimensional model of the space is uploaded to the configurator app on your mobile device.


The headphones allow excellent sound quality and accurate high speed indoor positioning.


Content is the key to any NOUS sonic project - ranging from voices to ambient sounds to dedicated composed music.