the Story


For more than 12 years we have focused on enhancing the visitors experience in museums and cultural spaces. Discovery, digital storytelling and experience design are not just catchphrases, which led us to the development of more than 100 projects in the cultural sector. Among some of our clients are big (cultural) brands like Louvre Abu Dhabi, Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Vienna State Opera, the European Parliament Visitor Center in Brussels, Jewish Museum Berlin, Red Bull, Austrian Public Television just to name a few. We focus on mobile guides enhancing the visitor experience through images, videos, maps and also augmented or virtual reality. As technology moves quickly forward and brings so many new sensations to our eyes, we thought it is time for us to think of something new and bring it more to another sense.

For so many years the auditory experience for visitors hasn’t changed; we still listen to many straight forward texts, which try to explain things, sometimes convincing, sometimes funny, sometimes in dialogues - but there are rarely examples when objects start to speak, when people start to discover things with their ears. That’s why we started NOUS Sonic that is not just another audio guide from another audio guide company. We researched very carefully analyzing the needs of our clients. We adapted and combined already existing technologies on the market and made steps to get rid of any surface navigation on tablets or telephones. We wanted to free the visitor’s hands in order for them to use their feet, hands, ears and eyes to enjoy the space around them without being inhibited – whether it is a museum or any other venue less distractions are the goal and more immersion is the aim.


Future Listening!

Much more than a guide!