What it is


NOUS sonic is an interactive audio system that lets you control digital sounds through motion in space. The system experiences sound individually and interactively - far better than any audio guide can do. It conveys three-dimensional auditory and multimedia experiences for museum visitors and is a live setup tool that allows real-time creation and placement of audio exhibits. Moving around the room or turning your head causes sounds to be triggered or stopped; tonality, volume and angle of sound sources then change.

By centimeter-accurate and motion-sensitive localization of the user, the operation of a human ear is digitally replicated and supplemented. Everything audible and so far unknown can be experienced immersively via headphones. The sound and its changes inform volume or perspective which can be seen in realistic dependence within the position and orientation of the user based on objects or areas in space. This results in a natural effect of immersion made possible by the most innovative technology in the sector.


all you need



A high accuracy localization system for your exhibition space is the starting point for any NOUS sonic project. All visitor areas will be equipped with Ultra-Wide-Band antennas which can be very easily installed.


By detailed location data of indoor locating receiver Ultra-Wide-Band Technology the combination of indoor position and head alignment can be accurately determined to within 10cm. A Real-World-Orientation-Sensor instancely used in robotics to determine position, inclination, rotation or orientation is built into the headsets.



After installing the antennas in the room, measurements are uploaded to the Configurator App. Now everything is ready for editing and adding content to the CMS.

The NOUS Conductor is a powerful web based content management system, it stores all content needed for media guides, public displays, interactive stations or web pages. Several additional modules are available, ie. Google Maps integration for outdoor POIs, sync media stations to video time code, add dynamic subtitling for video clips, and many more. It supports an unlimited amount of languages, user management, tours and many other features. A history function was especially developed for immersive audio scenarios to easily switch back to previous audio configurations. The whole setup is user friendly - just upload the audio files you want to use to create immersive scenarios! The Configurator App runs on an iOS mobile device, connects to the CMS and downloads both configuration and audio files.

When connected or paired with a NOUS sonic headphone, the configurator can be used to walk through the created scenarios allowing curators, educators and artists to customize the audio user experience in real time and on site. By using the Configurator App it’s possible to create multiple layouts for the same exhibition space to create special tours, temporary exhibitions, kids tours etc behind the scenes and test them before they are finally published and become available for visitors.


Configure Immersive Audio Experiences

By using the Configurator App, an audio zone can be created by selecting a preset or by using custom settings. All zones can then be configured with a wide range of properties!




The headphones are the visitors tool for the auditory experience, they allow excellent sound quality and accurate high speed indoor positioning.

A lightweight clip on/clip off module is specially designed to fit on a wide range of headphones including three different options: On- Ear, Over-Ear and Off-Ear which ensures visitors not to be isolated from the surroundings. The NOUS sonic sensor module weights less than 100g and is covered by fabric that’s easily replaceable & washable. While the navigation electronic is always on top of the headphone, the sound is rendered in a mobile device like an iPod touch. Everything is prepared to bring the sound rendering into the module itself - an option which will be available by end of 2020.

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Content is the key to any NOUS sonic project and may consist of multiple layers of audio which can range from simple sounds, to dedicated composed music, from texts to dialogues and specific stories…

We believe that any creative space or exhibition needs specific creative content that fosters interaction with the objects on site or builds its own layer on the site.


No matter if you create content from an immersive, or a knowledge-transfer perspective you need the right partner for creation. This can be NOUS but also local partners of audio content, sound designers or composers. We are currently setting up a worldwide partner network of content creators who are able to use our powerful tool in the most creative way.


Content Components